Best Airport in the World- Singapore’s Changi Airport (5 SECRETS)

World best airport Singapore Changi airport. Complete with a indoor garden, swimming pool, and movie theater, Singapore’s Changi Airport might be the vacation you’ve always dreamt of.

World best airport Singapore Changi airport
CNBC International reported the Singapore’s Changi airport continues to win the world best airport award.

World best airport Singapore Changi airport amenities and services


Movie Theatre

You just found out your flight’s been delayed? No problem. in the best airport in the World Singapore’s Changi Airport, there’s many amenities and services we can get into. And I am not just talking about Free WI-FI. You can catch the latest blockbuster movie here, playing 24/7. and oh, did i mention? it is FREE =) ALL day, ALL night.


Tallest Indoor Slide

it is the home to the country’s tallest indoor slide and it is not just for kids, take a look at this giant indoor slide.

World best airport Singapore Changi airport

World’s only airport outdoor pool 

Take a dip into the world’s only airport outdoor pool.

Butterfly Garden

you can come here and see nearly 1000 butterflies and over 40 species.

Changi Airport Restroom

Watch planes land and take off in the restroom.

World best airport Singapore Changi airport

Free express hand massage

You can enjoy a FREE express hand massage.

Free fragrance consultation

You can also take a seat for a FREE fragrance consultation.

Snooze Lounge

Take a nap in this public area which is also known as the Snooze Lounge, and surrounded by the Sanctuary Garden. also, believe it or not, Changi has been voted as the best airport to SLEEP.


Social Tree

This is where you can take photos and compete with other passengers in games, let’s give it a try.

Years after years, Singapore’s Changi airport continues to win the world best airport award. In fact, It’s even marketed as it’s own destination. Sometimes families come here on weekends just to shop and dine. Students also traveled here just to study and then go back home.

So, how do you design the world’s best airport? Let’s read on and find out.

5 TOP secrets behind the World ‘s best airport.


1. Carpeted

it is not very common to find an airport that’s carpeted, but here it’s the norm. Why? For one, it increases the luxury factor. and number two, it helps absorb sounds, so there’s less noise, meaning passengers feel more relaxed.

2. Great Lighting

Here in this terminal, the ceiling is using intelligent lighting which controls the amount of natural light that enters the building.

World best airport Singapore Changi airport

3. Experience Rating

After you’re finished in the restroom, you’re encouraged to rate your experience based on the cleanliness of the toilets. it actually collecting real-time data on how the restroom are performing. So for instance, if this one is getting a lot of ‘Average’, operations staff know to send more people to here to figure out why. So essentially now, the passengers are sort of working for the airport.

This airport gets 1.8 million clicks of feedback like this per month. that’s a lot of data.


4. Multiple Retail Concept Store

There is multiple retail concept store here at Changi. For example, the Whiskey house, which has more than 100 different types of Whiskey available for complimentary tasting. Many spirit brands decide to launch limited special edition products, specifically for the airport. In addition to having high-end consumers pass through, there’s also many nationalities.

5. Five Themed Gardens

In addition to plants being placed throughout the airport, there’s five themed gardens like this one. And 99% of all the greenery here, is completely real. And it’s not easy to maintain. In addition to 10 plant specialists, there’s more than 150 gardeners working 24/7 to ensure its excellent standard.


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